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Trial of the Crusader Empty Trial of the Crusader

Post by King Reinhardt on Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:10 am

Trial of the Crusader Acre4

Trial of the Crusader

The Trial of the Crusader is a path that must be taken in order to become an elite warrior of Acre, the Lord's fighter. After achieving the rank of Bretheren, you might be noticed by an officer as an exceptional soldier among the other commons. If he/she acknowledges you as a good potential Crusader, you will be promoted to Crusader Initiate rank which beings your test of faith and strength. At this temporary rank, it will take 3 duels in order to pass and become a Crusader Squire. During these three duels, you must face off against two other Crusaders as well as the King and win 2 out of 3 duels with them. Please do notice, that in a situation where the Crusader Initiate is defeated in his Trial, though looses valiantly - he still might be allowed to pass the test if the King decides that the Initiate honored him with a ferocious melee.

These duels will be fought with normal weapons (no unfair weapons such as the boulder on a stick or great maul.)

Once you pass the Trial of the Crusader, you are allowed to put on the tag "Squire_". (Example: Squire_whatshisname_of_Acre) Upon passing, you will also be promoted to Crusader Squire.

However, if you fail the Trial of the Crusader, you will be put back to the rank of Bretheren, and have to repeat the whole process of becoming acknowledged again.
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