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Laws of Acre Empty Laws of Acre

Post by King Reinhardt on Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:00 am

Laws of Acre Acre4

Laws of Acre

I. Live a holy life following the path of Chadzianity (Joking RP)
II. Always follow orders.
III. Be on the Teamspeak whenever you can and whenever you are playing.
IV. Keep in-game chat and Teamspeak chat civil (Banter on teamspeak is allowed).
V. Use Western European gear, but more specifically, white or heraldic gear to match the rest of our members.
VI. Take on the banner of Acre and wear your tags with pride! (Tags come after you've been accepted as a full member of Acre.)
VII. Do no glitches (exploiting).
VIII. Do not question, disrespect, or insult leadership.
IX. Do not disrespect other members.
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