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Clan Ranks Acre4


Initiate - Initiate - When you join the Crusaders of Acre you start out as an Initiate. The first few days that you will be serving under this beginner's rank is an opportunity to get to know everyone on our Teamspeak channel and ask questions about your future career in the clan. (This rank takes the place of the Trial Member stage). At this point you should NOT change your name, NOT join the Strategus faction, but you DO change your banner. You will also be expected to sign up on this forum. Upon your promotion from Initiate to Recruit, you will be evaluated to see if you are ready to become a full member of the Crusaders of Acre. As an Initiate, you will also be put into an Order based on your build type and location (NA/EU).

Regular – Upon your first promotion, you will be expected to stay active in TS3 and in-game, being on both when you are available (real life obviously comes first). At this point you will also have the right to bear arms in the name of Acre.

Bretheren - After being in Acre for some time, you will be promoted to Bretheren. This rank brings you one step closer to Crusader Squire.

Crusader Initiate - Once promoted to Crusader Initiate, you will be brought to the King to see if you are ready to start the Trial of the Crusader. The Trial of the Crusader is explained this forum. The rank of Crusader Initiate is a placeholder rank at which after you will be promoted to a Crusader Squire.

Crusader Squire - Crusader Squire is a rank in which you will be assigned to a Knight. This Knight will train with you and you will follow him in combat. After a small bit of time as a Squire you will be promoted to Crusader Man at Arms. After you have passed the Trial of the Crusader, you are now allowed to add "Squire_" to your name. (Example: Squire_yournamehere_of_Acre) You will be looked upon as a Crusader, a full-fledged member of the Crusaders of Acre. Now arise, Crusader of Acre!

Crusader Man at Arms - No longer a novice, has shown promise for future titles, must now show complete obedience and loyalty, encouraged to do more and be more active to achieve what he/she can. You should also watch out for lower ranks of the clan, making sure they fight and carry the faction's name well. If you see a member out of turn and he/she continues, contact an Officer.

Crusader Knight - Crusader Knights are the elite fighters of Acre. They only need to fight well for their leadership and attend normal events. Crusader Knights are expected to help the leadership of Acre by assisting in trainings and events, and showing the newer members what Acre is about. Tag "Knight_" (Example: Knight_yournamehere_of_Acre).


I, ____, vow to defend this faction so long as I am able to sharpen my blade. My sword will be the bringer of death to our evil enemies. My shield will be the defender of our King and our honor. My helm will be the face of bravery in battle. My armor will be the wall that protects me from my enemy. My cross will be my unfaltering faith. I vow to defend the lands of my country with the up-most effort. I will give everything I have to protect this faction, as I am the guardian. I am the sword. I am the shield. Lastly, I vow to defend this oath and to keep it sacred at all costs.
(Real life comes first. This oath is just for roleplaying purposes and to show that you hold the clan to some importance.)

Lord of Acre - Crusader Lords are the landowners in Strategus. They tend to their own fiefs and are members of the council that advises the King in his decisions. Crusader Lords also have privileges when it comes to recruiting, rosters, and accepting people into the faction on Strategus. Crusader Lords have channel admin on the teamspeak as well. At this point in time, you will be expected to continue serving the faction as well, if not better, than whilst you were a Knight. Like at the Crusader Knight rank, you must give full reports to your higher ranking officers on current events. Lords are seen ingame as: Lord_yournamehere_of_Acre

Reward = Fief held in the name of Acre

Lord Protector - The Lord Protector is the Keeper of the Key to Acre's gates, and the hearts of the people behind it. He safeguards peace within the faction and takes care of the recruitment and promotions, as well as other things. He is the oldest lord, a symbol of Acre's Steadfastness and an example for every crusader. The Lord Protector is seen ingame as:

Marshal - The Marhsal is 2nd in command of the Crusaders of Acre military. He is the military adviser of Acre. The Marhsal is seen ingame as: Marshal_yournamehere_of_Acre

Grand Duke - The Grand Duke is 2nd in command of the Crusaders of Acre faction. He advises the King and assists in ruling. Grand Duke is seen ingame as: Grand_Duke_yournamehere_of_Acre

King of Acre - King > Everything
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