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Upcoming events thread! Empty Upcoming events thread!

Post by King Reinhardt on Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:02 pm

In the Crusaders of Acre, training is very important. We need to train in order to become hardened soldiers. The Knights, Lords, and even the King holds tournaments and training days. On these training days and tournaments, combatants are urged to wear their heaviest gear unless stated otherwise. Heraldic armors are preferred.

Special events take priority over scheduled weekly events.

Here is the list of weekly trainings:
NOTE: All trainings are not required to be attended. However, special events are required if you are online, and tactics/formation trainings are recommended.

Setup: (Time) [Event] \Host/

Sunday: -

Monday: -

Tuesday: -

Wednesday: -

Thursday: -

Friday: -

Saturday: -

[b]List of specific dated events/b]: -

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